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Radical Co-operative Youth Project Inspires Young People to Shape Their Own Futures – Co-operative College working with the London Borough of Lewisham

6th October, 2021 / Andrew

The Youth Co-operative Action London project, run by the Co-operative College in partnership with 7PK, has seen a group of nine young people work together in the Co-operative Council area of Lewisham to create a full programme of events focused on equipping young people with the skills they need to create change in their own ...

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Public Procurement Training for Oldham Council – Value Match

23rd September, 2021 / Andrew

Challenge: Oldham Council appointed several apprentices into their procurement team and were looking for a facilitated training session to provide an overview of public procurement to enhance their knowledge. Solution: Lindsay Rosul, our Services Director, is a qualified procurement professional and has worked extensively within the public sector therefore, Lindsay was the ideal consultant to ...

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Tackling the Digital Divide in Schools – South Ribble Borough Council

9th February, 2021 / Andrew

Throughout the Covid-19 restrictions, since the new school year began in September 2020, it was clear that when classroom ‘bubbles’ were forced to self-isolate and learn remotely, many children were being left behind in their education. This is due to the digital divide; with many children from less advantaged backgrounds not having access to a ...

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Reading in Schools Consortium – Bristol City Council

27th January, 2021 / Andrew

Bristol applied to broaden and scale its Volunteering in Primary Schools Initiative Boosting Reading @Primary (BRP). The aim was to scale a tested intervention to keep children ‘up to speed’ with reading by the end of Key Stage Two. The proposal identified that Bristol Reading in Schools Consortium (BRISC) would also expand the less formal ...

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Returning to School after Lockdown – Hull City Council

6th October, 2020 / Andrew

Resources to support children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing on returning to school during the Covid-19 pandemic. A primary impact of Covid-19 in Hull has been reduced access to education for children and young people. HeadStart Hull is a city-wide programme led by Hull City Council working with all schools across the city ...

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Co-operative Learning in Southampton – Southampton City Council

9th March, 2020 / Nicola, CCIN

  Co-operative approaches to learning in Southampton are currently blooming. A third of the City’s schools are now members of one of three co-operative learning trusts, which means that 19 Southampton schools are now working in close partnership with the City Council as Cooperative Trust Schools, covering all parts of the City. 2020 has been ...

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Developing co-operative training programmes for the CCIN – Co-operative College

7th March, 2020 / Nicola, CCIN

Co-operative Councils and their communities will benefit from an innovative training programme thanks to an agreement signed with the Co-operative College, a leading provider of education and training across the co-operative sector. The CCIN Network has committed to developing an in-depth induction programme with the College that will be rolled out to new and existing ...

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Supported Internships – Knowsley MBC

19th May, 2019 / Nicola, CCIN

The Knowsley Supported Internship Programme commenced in 2016 and aims to prepare young people with a learning difficulty and / or disability for employment.  The programme is a partnership between Knowsley Council and Knowsley Community College, working with local employers to provide 12 month’s work experience to help young people find sustainable employment in the ...

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Bristol Leads 2018-2020 – RedQuadrant working with Bristol City Council

18th May, 2019 / Nicola, CCIN

The Bristol Leads programme needed to support and challenge participants to demonstrate to their peers, teams, customers, and line managers the value they can bring.  It also needed to show how Bristol wished to work and behave as a council. Designing a practical programme of support for team managers and leaders to help them step ...

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Learning lunches – bitesize sessions of coop education and training from Co-operative College

3rd April, 2018 / Nicola, CCIN

100 years. That’s how long we’ve been delivering co-operative education. We know that time is precious, which is why we’ve developed our learning lunches series. These action-packed, bite-size sessions will help you discover more about co-operation and apply the thinking to many of the issues facing co-operative councils today. Each session lasts no more than ...

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Co-operative education catering service – CATERed – Plymouth City Council

12th January, 2018 / Nicola, CCIN

CATERed is unique – for the first-time schools have agreed to share their budgets and resources with each other in an open, transparent and co-operative way for the benefit of children and young people. Imagine – 67 Head teachers and governing bodies all voting for the same thing at the same time? CATERed was created ...

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Closing the Education Gap – City of Edinburgh Council

26th June, 2017 / Nicola, CCIN

Funding provided by the Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network supported the City of Edinburgh Council Early Years Team to work co-operatively with Third Sector Organisation – Lothian Association of Youth Clubs and eight ‘not for profit’ out of school care providers across Edinburgh. Read more…

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Mutualising education support services – Sandwell Metroplitan Borough Council

19th May, 2014 / Nicola, CCIN

Sandwell’s journey to set up a mutual organisation for its education support services began in the autumn of 2010, to enable schools to buy into quality support services irrespective of their status – but why was change needed? Sandwell, like many local authorities, found itself with a reduced role in supporting education as well as ...

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