Monthly Archives: May 2019

Power of the People Safeguards Community Assets – South Tyneside Council

20th May, 2019 / Nicola, CCIN

The future of a long-standing community centre in South Tyneside has been safeguarded following a successful asset transfer programme. Against a background of cuts in central government funding, South Tyneside Council asked for community support to keep open the Borough’s Community Associations. As a result, all the facilities have been saved from closure and are ...

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Bristol Leads 2018-2020 – RedQuadrant working with Bristol City Council

18th May, 2019 / Nicola, CCIN

The Bristol Leads programme needed to support and challenge participants to demonstrate to their peers, teams, customers, and line managers the value they can bring.  It also needed to show how Bristol wished to work and behave as a council. Designing a practical programme of support for team managers and leaders to help them step ...

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Producing solutions with citizens – the Elephants project – Unlimited Potential

3rd April, 2018 / Nicola, CCIN

For effective services, a better relationship is needed between people who deliver and use services. Organisations are looking towards citizens having an active role in design and delivery (co-production). There are ‘pockets’ of examples of lived experience/decision maker relationships across Greater Manchester. However, talk of better relationships has not yet ‘tipped over’ into widespread action, ...

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Living Well Collaborative – Lambeth Council

27th March, 2018 / Nicola, CCIN

Overview Those commissioning public services are increasingly being expected to oversee rapid large-scale local change that achieve financial savings, but also to make services more accessible, personalised and focused on prevention. In Lambeth they have seized the opportunity to transform the mental health care system. By creating a radical new commissioning model and set of ...

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