Securing investment in our communities through our commitment to social value – Newcastle City Council

Posted on 19th May, 2019

In Newcastle, we believe social value – as well as financial value – is important, and should be considered in all our decisions, particularly where we are commissioning and procuring from partner organisations. We have made changes to our ways of working to make sure we consider social value in every part of our commissioning and procurement cycle.

Our Newcastle Social Value Commitment means wherever we can we will work to spend our funding locally, keep a focus on what communities say is valuable to them, show ethical leadership and make green and sustainable choices.

Last year, we spent over £180 million with organisations within Newcastle and almost £269 million with organisations in the North East.  Next year, we anticipate some 40% of our influenceable spend will be with organisations within Newcastle and 65% in the North East. We expect 15-20% of that spend to be with voluntary and community organisations.

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