Protecting the Medically Shielded – Telford & Wrekin Council

Posted on 6th October, 2020

Telford & Wrekin Council utilised data and collaborative relationships to target additional resources at those most vulnerable to the pandemic

Early on in the pandemic, Telford & Wrekin Council realised that vulnerable households would need support – in particular, the means to purchase food, access medicines and make
social contact to address loneliness, anxiety and other wellbeing issues arising from Covid-19. As a Co-operative Council, it recognised that it had a duty of care to all vulnerable residents, whatever their background. There was a clear political commitment to use resources to provide support – for example a workforce that could be redeployed to new roles. It had willing partners and an established network of volunteers that it could work with and draw support from. The Council is a recognised voice in the community with the effective means to communicate and reach vulnerable residents.


Covid-19 -Protecting the Medically Shielded – Telford and Wrekin Council