How we build a Co-operative Housing offer in Oldham

Posted on 10th November, 2017

Our insight and evidence tells us that having suitable, warm, stable housing underpins a number of key outcomes relating to health, work and happiness. Therefore, we know as a partnership we can’t just concentrate on the supply of social housing and hope the rest will sort itself out. We need to support Oldham to have a vibrant, mixed housing market which meets the needs of everyone whether their aspiration is to live in shared accommodation with friends, or to own their own home. We also know that our approach to cooperative housing needs to cover more than just bricks and mortar and it must extend to the role that housing plays in building thriving communities.

As a result of this insight, we have developed a clear vision which is to ensure everyone has safe, suitable housing that meets their housing aspirations. This relates to the whole housing market from social to supported housing, private rented and owned and it also extends to community capacity building.

Housing – Building the offer – Oldham Council