New Partnerships and Collaborations – Bristol City Council

Posted on 6th October, 2020

On behalf of and in partnership with NHS Bristol North Somerset South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group

Partnered and coordinated response to provide PPE, transport and testing.

In the initial period of the Covid-19 response there were daily challenges in responding to the wider health and care system needs around PPE. These ranged from significant shortages of PPE in supply and stock, massive fluctuations on price, quality and demand, national changes to guidance on usage and issues around fraud. The three BNSSG local authorities (Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire) work closely with NHS partners on integrated, system-wide approaches to health and care issues. As part of an integrated and health and care system response to the pandemic, a Logistics Cell was set up in March 2020 by the partner organisations to coordinate action on PPE issues, transport and testing issues across the BNSSG area.


Covid-19 – New Partnerships and Collaborations – Bristol City Council