Healthy Stevenage Partnership – Stevenage Borough Council

Posted on 6th October, 2020

The Healthy Stevenage Partnership designed a range of initiatives with communities to drive community wellbeing, for children, families and those isolated as part of recovery effort.

Covid-19 heightened existing awareness of health inequalities in Stevenage. These concerns included people suffering domestic abuse, those in poverty, those with multiple and complex needs and those experiencing social isolation. Stevenage Borough Council and its partners recognised their collaborative role and contributions that would make a difference and reduce demand for services during this time. The Council had already taken a lead in facilitating a Healthy Stevenage Partnership, as a collaborative space for communities, with the Health Service, Borough Council and County Council coming together to tackle challenges. Covid-19 provided an impetus for a targeted focus.


Covid-19 – Healthy Stevenage Partnership – Stevenage Borough Council