Fuelling ambitions creatively together (FACT) – Salford City Council and Unlimited Potential

Posted on 3rd April, 2018

There is a persistent gap between those young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and their more fortunate peers in economic opportunities and outcomes. Each year, a vote amongst young people in Salford schools consistently produces ‘learning for life’ as their top priority.

Despite significant and continuing economic growth in Salford, far too many local residents have been unable to benefit from the prosperity that is being created in the city. FACT is designed to help young people to develop their mental resilience and to widen and deepen their networks, in order to improve their life opportunities.

Following an invitation from the Director of Children’s Services at Salford City Council, Unlimited Potential developed the FACT project in 2015-2017 as an innovation project, in partnership with the local authority and the Albion Academy.

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