Producing solutions with citizens – the Elephants project – Unlimited Potential

Posted on 3rd April, 2018

For effective services, a better relationship is needed between people who deliver and use services. Organisations are looking towards citizens having an active role in design and delivery (co-production).

There are ‘pockets’ of examples of lived experience/decision maker relationships across Greater Manchester. However, talk of better relationships has not yet ‘tipped over’ into widespread action, with potential barriers in the way.

The voices of people with lived experience are vital to achieving the best possible outcomes, so need equal weighting to decision-makers’. Progress is possible only if discussion moves from problems to solutions.

The ‘Elephants project’ brought together people with lived experience of severe and multiple disadvantage with decision-makers from across Greater Manchester to answer the question: How can people with lived experience and decision-makers work together to eradicate severe and multiple disadvantage in Greater Manchester within a generation?

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