Community Anchors & Community Wealth Building in Preston – Stir to Action working with Preston City Council

Posted on 6th October, 2021

In Autumn 2020, Stir to Action partnered with Preston City Council and the Preston Model BAMME advisory group to create a six-week programme that focused on providing targeted support for BAME organisations in the city, stimulating cultural awareness and interest in worker-owned business. Despite the success of Community Wealth Building, as with the wider co-operative movement, there have been some difficulties in ensuring that businesses reflect the diversity of modern Britain and work in the most marginalised communities.

In Preston, the Community Anchors: A Co-operative Recovery programme was co-produced with the groups that participated in the programme, including Pukar Disability Centre, Preston United Youth Development Programme, and Preston Windrush Generation and Descendants UK. The programme supported these local organisations and others to become ‘community anchors’ that could promote the cultural relevance and benefits of co-operatives through awareness-raising activities, and also signpost their members and users to the latest funding opportunities and business support.

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