Great care is possible through co-operation – Co-operative Care Colne Valley working with Kirklees Council

Posted on 6th October, 2021

At Co-operative Care Colne Valley, we started offering care and support in our community in March 2021. We offer quality care that is powered by our community and that goes beyond fulfilling basic needs – we want our members to live good lives.

The local authority has played an essential role in our success. Firstly, we were able to apply and received start-up grant funding which has been key to our set up. Then, despite the hard work we put in, we found it difficult to overcome some of the challenges – like recruitment of the Registered Manager, an essential person for a regulated care service operation. Our local council has stepped in creatively – we were offered a secondment of an experienced and enthusiastic person with the right skills and expertise for the job. With their support, we were able to prepare everything that was needed for the Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration so that we can start offering care and support in our community.

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