Building the ‘Social’ Market Place – Salford City Council

Posted on 5th October, 2017

The Council has already started to build a social market place in the City – both through its own actions and through the strong partnerships that it has with the VCSE and business sectors.

Practical steps aimed at developing and anchoring the social value market in Salford include:

  • the Council Social Value and Sustainability Policy, aligned to its updated Procurement Strategy, applicable to all areas of business;
  • created a commissioner’s toolkit for Social Value;
  • focussing market development through the council’s business team, emphasising our three key ‘social value’ objectives from business investment and regeneration as: increasing community activity; increasing quality job opportunities/ tackling the causes of poverty, and developing local supply chains;
  • social value being a core part of the assessment process at Procurement Board;
  • supplier development activities in partnership with Salford Social Value Alliance, GM Social Value Network, GM Chamber of Commerce, Salford CVS and others.

Social Value – Building the Social Market Place – Salford City Council