Bassetlaw Neighbourhood Planning Marketplace – Bassetlaw District Council

Posted on 3rd April, 2018

Bassetlaw District Council are active supporters of neighbourhood planning, with 9 plans now ‘made’, 15 plans under development, and a number of prospective plan areas currently being explored. Despite the coverage of neighbourhood planning activities in the district, and the similar activities being engaged in by steering groups, little interaction was taking place between them. This was not problematic, but was rather seen as an opportunity to explore what benefits could be accrued by bringing groups together; the Neighbourhood Planning Marketplace concept was born.

The format of the event was inspired by an officer’s doctoral research project, which examined ways to enhance public participation in planning, particularly how to assign value to local and tacit knowledge. In translating the research into practice, the aim was to provide neighbourhood planning groups with the opportunity to showcase their work, and to learn about the work undertaken by other groups. The potential for collaborative work to emerge was also anticipated.

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