Statement of Values and Principles

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The Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network is a Special Interest Group of the Local Government Association.  Members of the Network are local authorities committed to reforming the way they work through building an equal partnership with local people, based on the values and principles of the International Co-operative Alliance.  As a Network, we strive to ensure that our member councils uphold and strengthen co-operative values and principles. Our membership approval and self-assessment process reflect this commitment.

In acknowledging that Councils are not in themselves registered co-operatives, we and our members have developed Principles that have grown from those of the International Co-operative Alliance and are relevant within the context of local government:

CCIN Principles

Our Values are what we believe in and our Principles guide the way we, and our members, put our Values into action.

These icons should be used to demonstrate how Co-operative Councils are putting our co-operative principles into practice, demonstrating the ‘co-operative difference’ in the work that they are doing. Councils and organisations who receive CCIN funding to undertake Policy Labs and Policy Prototypes are asked to adopt these icons to show the ‘co-operative difference’ from this project work. 

Click below to download the document:


Statement of Values and Principles


Member Councils can also use these icons in their own reports and publications, to raise awareness of the ‘Co-operative Difference’ in being a Co-operative Council. You can also add your logo to the Statement.  The icons are available in various formats to encourage use and adoption.

If you would like any help with this, please contact [email protected].