The Executive Oversight Committee signed off the 2018-2020 Strategy & Action Plan in November 2020.

To help shape the 2021-3 Strategy all members were invited to contribute to an online survey ahead of a joint meeting of the Executive Oversight Committee and Values & Principles Board in March 2021.  The session was facilitated by the Co-operative College.

Four key themes emerged for the 2021-3 Strategy and Action Plan.  It was agreed that a member of EOC would lead each of the thematic areas to oversee and report on progress towards the connected goals and to guide the achievement of the Strategy over the next 3 years.

The themes and leads are:

  • Theme 1: Better effectiveness in information sharing: accessible information, sharing best practice and encouraging more co-production – Cllr Barbara Brownridge – Oldham Council
  • Theme 2: Developing a range of networks to increase engagement – Cllr Clare Gamble – Billingham Town Council
  • Theme 3: Training and support to better promote Values and Principles across organisations and the network – Cllr Paul Stewart – Sunderland City Council
  • Theme 4: National influence and lobbying; growing the network and events – Vacant