Monthly Archives: February 2021

Councillor Tom Hayes – Co-operative Solutions to our Climate Crisis

24th February, 2021 / Andrew

Indeed, there isn’t a problem facing local government today to which there isn’t a co-operative solution, and that’s especially true of our climate crisis. Oxford City Council is proud to be a climate leader. We stand alongside our community of co-operative councils in proposing co-operative and hopeful solutions to our shared crisis.  A few days ...

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Steve Reed OBE, MP – Making Britain more equal isn’t just a moral imperative; it’s our patriotic duty

5th February, 2021 / Nicola, CCIN

Local government has done an extraordinary job in getting communities through the Covid-19 pandemic.  In a very real sense, they have become the fourth emergency service – but they have been hampered by a Conservative government whose incompetence and indecision has held them back and let them down. They have wasted £22bn of taxpayers’ money ...

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