Monthly Archives: October 2018

Can smart city thinking be cohesive to urban Councils?

30th October, 2018 / Nicola, CCIN

As nearly every city authority in the country has either looked to, or is implementing their own smart city project could this kind of smart thinking translate to an urban area? Like many post-industrial areas in Great Britain it has its own share of social issues with unemployment and deprivation. In the last Multiple Deprivation ...

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Co-operative Councils: The Way Forward

9th October, 2018 / Nicola, CCIN

It was a pleasure to visit Croydon for the CCIN annual meeting on 4th October, opened by Sharon Taylor the Leader of Stevenage Council and Chair of CCIN who reminded us of all the great work that has been done during the year and the significant growth in membership.   I am not sure what ...

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People power is the antidote to populism

7th October, 2018 / Nicola, CCIN

People feel alienated and remote from politics.  The financial crash led to a decade of austerity.  Austerity has ripped the heart out of communities with the loss of shared spaces like libraries, pubs, youth and community centres.  Good jobs have been lost to automation.  Inequality has grown deeper even though the economy’s grown bigger because ...

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