Monthly Archives: September 2016

Putting our co-operative values in Newcastle into practise

23rd September, 2016 / Nicola, CCIN

Ask someone to outline their co-operative vision to meet the challenges that communities, individuals and organisations face up and down the length of the United Kingdom, to define co-operative values and principles which they hold to be the most important – and you’ll get a different answer from each person. Within the co-operative movement, ‘co-operativism’ ...

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Co-operative Leadership in a changing world

7th September, 2016 / Nicola, CCIN

Society is at a crossroads. Political structures are being challenged. Economic systems are failing. People are feeling increasingly isolated and marginalised. The largest multinationals seem to be calling the shots and individuals seems less able than ever to influence what is going on around them. Whilst the world becomes increasingly a global village its citizens ...

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