How councils can generate social value from facilities management

5th September, 2018 / CCIN

Often, a Council’s Facilities Management (FM) function can be seen as a means to an end; necessary to the continued functioning of the Council’s property portfolio but providing limited wider benefits. The focus has been on reducing Facilities Management costs with little consideration of social value. Given the nature of Facilities Management and it being ...

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How councils can Keep it Local

26th June, 2018 / CCIN

On 9 June, I spoke at the Co-op Party’s local government conference in London. We were asked to consider how councils can procure for social good, and learn the lessons from the collapse of Carillion. At Locality, we believe there are many lessons to be learned, but primarily that the tide is turning on large ...

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Building a co-operative city that leaves no one behind

29th May, 2018 / CCIN

To me, a co-operative council is a system that reflects the honest truth about politics locally, and indeed nationally; the council does not have all the answers. And if we want to help the maximum number of people, in a time of dwindling resources, the only way forward is together. The days in which Town ...

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Too Big to fail; Too Nice to Fail?

17th March, 2018 / CCIN

We are all aware of the phrase ‘too big to fail’ from back in 2008/09 when we saw the first signs of the economic crash. Lehman Brothers was considered OK to be let go but the insurance giant AIG was just too big a failure for the system to swallow and that set the tone ...

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Co-operative Education for All

15th February, 2018 / CCIN

Mention the word education and for many it will conjure up the image of the classroom.  Depending on your experience of this it may be a happy memory and something you wish to repeat or something you are glad is over and to be avoided at all costs in the future. There is of course ...

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Bringing Principle 7 to life as austerity continues

30th January, 2018 / CCIN

I am pleased to have the opportunity to be the guest blog writer for the February 2018 newsletter of the ‘Cooperative Councils’ Innovation Network’.  I am a local Councillor and community activist from the Halewood area of Knowsley. Now, more than ever, there is a necessity for elected members to become more involved in offering ...

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It’s time to “trust the people”

28th June, 2017 / CCIN

Theresa May called the General Election three years before she needed to in the expectation of winning by a landslide.  As we now know, she lost her majority instead.  People across the country have had enough of relentless and unfair cuts, widening inequality, and after the Brexit vote we also know they’ve had enough of ...

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When it comes to CCIN – what’s in a name?

28th April, 2017 / CCIN

Nick Matthews, Chair of Co-operatives UK asks when it comes to CCIN what is in a name? Our Network has three important terms in its title. The ‘Co-operative’ and ‘Councils’ may be self explanatory. The actors in our Network are Councils and we are suggesting they could improve the lives of the people in their ...

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Our Co-operative roots are the gateway to future prosperity

29th March, 2017 / CCIN

Councillor Richard Farnell, Leader of Rochdale Borough Council and a Vice Chair of the Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network explains how Rochdale’s co-operative roots are the gateway to future prosperity. Turning around 50 years of long term economic decline is never easy. Ever since Rochdale lost its textile manufacturing base to cheap foreign imports in the ...

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